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John Neal and Alex Brooks from the very beginning

OG Coaches: John, Neal and Alex Brooks

Head Instructor
John Brooks


Graduate of Davenport University in 2015. John has learned from some of the best instructors and looks to pay-it-forward. 


"At the end of the day, my first goal is to teach 'the love of the game'. I never went to the rink to punish myself. I went because I loved it!"

Head Instructor
Ryan Glantz


Graduate from Connecticut College. Ryan is now into his second season with the Jackson Hole Moose. 

Ryan has advanced knowledge of skating as an ambassador for Robby Glantz Power Skating.


Ryan Glantz (2).jpg
Head Instructor
Wyatt  Watkins 


Wyatt is the current Cutthroats Pee Wee coach and former Jr. A III hockey player. 


Wyatt has a specific playing style which he has transferred well into coaching.  


It is "speed, effort, and MORE SPEED."


Wyatt Watkins.jpg

Assistant Skills Instructors

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